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Hi Sandy, just wanted to let you know we have been thoroughly enjoying the mustard I ordered.  We shared some with my dad and then took some to my step daughter's this past weekend in Colorado and they loved it.  They put it on sandwiches and packed in for a day of skiing, and just posted a picture on FaceBook today of eggs in toast in a hole with mustard on top.  I left them your e-mail address as they live in Colorado, so may have to order by mail.  But they are thinking they may be one of your best mustard customers as well.  My only suggestion, we may need larger bottles!! Lol. Thanks again so much, we sure enjoy it.  If there are any other best sellers you think we should try, please let us know.  Julie
Hello!!  I would first like to say that every time I visited the city market while living in Kansas City I always looked forward to your booth the most. Unfortunately now I live in Orlando and will not be making it back to Kansas City anytime soon and I have fallen in love with your spicy jalapeño mustard. That mustard is good on ANYTHING and now I have my boyfriend hooked on it too.  I was wondering if there is anyway to order some jars and have them shipped to me? You can either email me back or give me a call. Thank you!!  Lindsy
I made the unfortunate mistake of eating all of my mother's jalapeno black bean dip.  She had been out your way on a business trip, so I have been unable to be forgiven, because she feels it is not replaceable.  I am noticing on your website that I can place an order via email, so please could you help me make it up to my mom for eating your delicious jam.  It really was hard not to ;)  She had the Mango Jalapeno #1.  Could I place an order and would you ship them to Colorado?  Please and thank you.  What would I need to do to place an order with you?  Sincerely, Shanna
We love the mango jalapeno jam.  "Is there any where else in town to get this?  Thanks for letting me know," Donna, "The Best of Kansas City..  Best of Kansas City at Crown Center will hold their last 2 jars for me to pick up after work today!"  Donna laughed and said, "Ever since San-man Gardens started the demo at Farmers Market - Best of Kansas City can't keep this on the shelves!  Thanks very much!"  Thanks Donna
I fell in love with your hot jams!  Now how to get them to Fayetteville, AR without going to the farmers market in KC?  What are the cost per jar and the shipping cost to NW AR?  I know I should have bought more when I was there, but I told myself that we wouldn't eat them so fast, man was I in denial!  Looking forward to your instructions.  Trenda
I was just at a party and they served your infamous Jalapeno Black Bean Dip with the strawberry jalapeno jam.  It was truly delicious.  I took a picture of the label and was just on your website.  I would like to order the Jalapeno Strawberry and Mango.  What is the cost and shipping to zip code 33414?  Thanks so much!
Hello!  I can't tell you enough about how much our family loves your products especially your jalapeno jams.  We first were introduced with these tasty treats at the city market and now can't seem to get enough.  Since we live about an hour and half away from the market we do not get to visit it often; therefore, we were wondering if you ship your products.  If so, I would be interested in placing an order.  Just let me know how I would need to go about doing so and the preferred method of payment.  Thanks so much and I look forward to continuing to do business with you!   One very happy customer, Shasta
Hello, my name is James.  My wife and I tried the Mango Jalapeno Dip yesterday and loved it.  We are making it for football today and I have a question about the amount of ingredients.  When we were talking about the dip yesterday, we were told just double the ingredients to make this amount.  However, I only purchased one 8-oz. jar.  My question is, since I only purchased one jar, do I just stick to the recipe amounts?  I am asking because the dip is so delicious I want to duplicate it just like I tasted to share with my family and friends.  I thank you for your time and utterly delicious products, and look forward to making your recipes a family tradition.  Undoubtedly, a lifetime customer, James
Hello from Omaha.  A friend of mine lives in Kansas City and a few years ago I was able to visit (more regularly than I get to now).  Well, she introduced me and thusly my father to your awesome Hot Jams!  Well, this year has been major hectic and last month my Dad, who lives in Oklahoma, sent me the desperate plea for more.  He's currently on his very last jar and he's afraid of withdrawal!  I probably won't be able to make a trip down to KC in the next 3 months...  So I called my friend.  Laurie stopped by last Saturday and she was told to order them online!  Joy of joys!  How would I go about doing so?  Thank you so much!  Theresa

I just wanted to let you know I JUST received them and they all made it safely!  And tastily!  We've already gotten into the Napalm Bomb and the Banana Nut Bread Butter and it is FANTASTIC!!!  I'll probably be ordering more of the BNB ButterSuper nummers!  Thank you so much!  Theresa
Good Afternoon - We had received a bottle of your Vidalia Onion Poppy Seed Dressing from Deb Connors (Greg's sister) and we loved it!  She shipped it overseas to us and we've not been able to find anything quite as good.  We didn't see it on your website - do you still make this product?  If so, can we order a couple of bottles and have them shipped to us?  We are now living in St. Charles, Missouri and unfortunately don't have a weekend planned to KC as yet.   Thanks, Greg and Randi.
Hi, Sandy, I bought some of your raspberry jalapeno jam last summer at the K. C. Farmer's Market and loved it.  But now I'm running low.  Do you ship?  If so what does it cost?  I'm interested in a jar of raspberry jalapeno and I'd also like to try a jar of the peach jalapeno jam.  Let me know the cost and I'll decide if it's worth the cost to ship it.  Our Madison (Wisc.) Farmer's Mkt. is extraordinary, known as one of the best in the country.  I've bought jalapeno jam from one or two of their vendors.  It's OK but I liked yours better.  Best, Verla

Hello!  A couple of months ago I bought several jars of your wonderful spicy triple berry jelly while at City Market.  I tried the Jalapeno Black Bean Dip for a party and I had so many people comment on how great it was.  I made the dip again for a different party, but did not have any more of your jelly so I used a substitute jalapeno jelly.  The response was remarkably different.  I did not have the kuddos I got with the triple berry.  It was obvious that your jelly made all the difference.  I would love to get to City Market this weekend, however, if I am unable, is there another way I could order a few jars of this wonderful jelly?  Thank you!  Marianne

Pete brought me a jar of your Spooky Jam and it is wonderful. Told Pete we need to grow a lot more Jolokias!  Again great hot jam!  Jack
My boyfriend and I saw you at the City Market last weekend and he hasn't stopped talking about your Mango - Jalapeno black bean dip since, so we went down there today and must have missed you.  Will you be back next weekend?  I saw that you also sell products at The Best of Kansas City in Crown Center so I called down and they're fresh out of your Jalapeno jams too, you guys are a hot commodity!  I can't wait to get my hands on some more of that jam, keep up the great work!!!  Rachel
Hi, my name is Penney and I was at the city market for the first time last Sun.  I bought your basil vinaigrette and loved it so much I came back today to stock up!  We ate it all already!  Sadly, you were not there!  Hopefully you will be there this coming weekend?  I just wanted to tell you that you now have a loyal new customer and I look forward to doing more shopping with you!  Thank you so much for all your hard work to bring your special products to all of us.  I will be telling people about your products!!  Have a great day!  Penney
I tried your jalapeno jams, and I can honestly say I have never loved a food as much as I do that one!  I used to live in KC and was at the farmers market almost every weekend!  I remember the first time I tried your jalapeno jams, and I can honestly say I have never loved a food as much as I do that one! (The triple berry and apple are my favorites!).  I recently moved out of KC and was wondering if you guys do any shipping.  If not, well.....I guess I am just going to have to drive to Kansas City this weekend and pick some up myself!  But, I will say it would be much easier if I could just order some and have it shipped to me!  Please let me know, I am stuck with a craving and nothing I have had even compares to what you guys offer!  Thank you so much!  Sincerely, Chasity
Thank you so much.  It was very nice to meet you today at the market.  My mom loved her jam and I can't wait to have my employees try the dip.  I know it will last for about 5 minutes.  I will see you again because I love your jams. Keep up the great job.  I'm not even close to a Martha Stewart - there for I'll have to keep buying your amazing jams.  (I don't think you'd be able to eat mine if I tried to make any)  Take care, Tabby
Hello, I was just at a party where the hostess served a green salad with your delicious basil vinaigrette. Where can I purchase some of this dressing? Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Ann
I am completely out of Vidalia Poppy seed and Basil Vinaigrette dressing – I’m having withdrawals because your stuff is SO good. I was wondering if there is anywhere I can buy this soon.  I wasn’t sure if this was sold at the winery or if you would be at the City Market any time soon.  Jennifer
I received some of the Mango Jalapeno Jam as a gift and my son loved it!  He enjoyed it so much he rinsed out the jar and gave it to me for the contact information. I was just on-line visiting your web-site.  I saw that your product was sold at Best of Kansas City on the Plaza, but just phoned them and they are out.  May I order some of the Mango Jalapeno Jam direct from you?  Thank you so much!  Marsha
Can't wait!  I emailed you in the fall and never got around to ordering.  Been having the craving for the good stuff. Knotts Berry Farm just doesn't cut it.  Darla Stephens
I would like to purchase some jellies and jams from you.  Are you still selling them at Kansas City's farmers market during the winter season?  If so which are you selling?  Thank you for your time.  Your product is a big hit with my family and friends!  Thank you for your talents!  Jessica
Wonderful Raspberry Jalapeno Jam - This past summer I had tasted a layer dip you had offered at the City Market in Kansas City and had picked up the recipe and purchased a few jars of your wonderful Raspberry Jalapeno Jam.  Just yesterday I purchased the cream cheese and black beans to make the dip, and have now misplaced the piece of paper with the recipe on it.  If you have the recipe I would appreciate very much if you could share it with me again.  I made it for relatives this summer, and they have requested it again.  Luckily we are in the middle of a blizzard, so our gathering has been postponed so I have a few days to figure something out.  If I don’t hear from you, I will go from memory, but I’m not so sure my memory remembers every detail.  That is is it!!!  We live in Omaha and are snowed in and it is snowing again today. I had no idea the market was open year round, but will certainly look you up next time we are in town as we have relatives in KC and usually make it down 3 or 4 times a year.  Thank you so much for the recipe.…we love your jams!!  Thank you so much in advance, Patty Jackson
Vidalia Onion Poppy Seed Dressing - Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to get some of your wonderful dressing before Friday?  Is there a local store where I could buy some?  Thank you, Chris
That Brittle is Wonderful - THAT BRITTLE IS WONDERFUL!!!  I received your recipe from the City Market and LOVED IT... what is the BEST jam to use for the dip AND.. is there anywhere I can purchase the Jam and the blazin peanut brittle... BEFORE CHRISTMAS... wanted to have the dip at a Christmas party.  Thanks!  Tammy Buckner.  THAT BRITTLE IS WONDERFUL!!! If you HAPPEN to be in the KC (City Market) again before Friday please let me know.  I don't want you to make a SPECIAL trip for me... but I just realized I didn't get anything for my BANK people...  I am a small business - and they are SO good to me.  I do websites if you are interested in setting up an ecommerce so you can SHIP OUT.. instead of all of this delivering... BUT ANYWAY...if you are in the area before Friday please let me know...  I would like to get 5 brittle 3 reg and 2 blazin'. if not... don't worry I will get it later.
My husband and I loved the Jalapeno Black Bean Dip when we tried it one Saturday at the City Market!  It had the Hot Plum Jam on it, so we bought an 8 oz. jar of it.  I got the recipe from you that day, and plan on making it in the coming week for holiday party.  If I want to make an 8 x 13 pan of the dip, will I double the whole recipe, and will the 8 oz. jar of the jam be enough?  Also, do you have any other cooking tips on preparing the dip--it was so good that beautiful day in October, and I really want it to be enjoyed by all when I make it.  I also am looking forward to coming to your booth again when warmer weather returns--and I will tell others about your great jams!  Thanks for any hints that you can share with me.  I am a fan!!!  Barbara McGinnis
Jalapeno & Mango, the best we've found anywhere! - Are you at the market KC every weekend?  We are there a few times a year and would like to stop by.  Otherwise can you give me information on prices and shipping on your products.  We brought some jalapeno and mango. jalapeno in September.  It was fabulous the best we've found anywhere.  We came from council bluffs Iowa specifically to shop at the Asian markets.  Looking forward to hearing you.  Darla Stephens
My husband and I are obsessed with your jams - Will you be at the market tomorrow?  My husband and I are obsessed with your jams and want to grab some for holiday gifts!!!  Thanks!  Moira Aaron-Castillo
My only regret is that I did not buy enough - I recently purchased some jam from your stand at the KC Market.  My only regret is that I did not buy enough.  How can I place an order?  Do you have a minimum?  Can I get more info on how to place an order and an itemized list/prices?  Thanks, Annmarie
It is delicious!  Hello, my name is Kelli McNally and I live in Tulsa, OK.  I recently had some of your Raspberry Jalapeno Jam at a party and became very interested.  It is delicious.  I would love to order some and would love to try some of the others.  Can you ship them to me and if so what are the prices of the jams?  Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
I loved them!  Hi, I visited you at the Farmer's Market and sampled your dip and jellies. I LOVED THEM!!  I bought the mango jalapeno jelly and made the black bean dip.  I asked where I could buy the jelly and you told me Whole Foods. However, I went there, and to my great disappointment, they did not carry it, they did say they would like to carry it.  Please let me know which Whole Foods?  I went to the one at 91st and Metcalf.  I will be at the Farmer's Market this Saturday, so I will stock up!!  Thanks, Mary Jo
Basil Vinaigrette is so popular - Will you be at City Market on the 13th?  Your basil vinaigrette is so popular, more is needed!  Virginia Long, Volunteer Extraordinaire
I am desperate!  Love your stuff!  I plan to come to the city market this weekend.  I would like 8 mango jalapeno jam.  I thought it would be a good idea to contact so maybe you could have them.  I tried a couple of weeks ago to find them at The Best Of Kansas City store with no luck.  I am out-of-town most weekends so now I am desperate!  Love your stuff!!! Let me know if you are going to be there and if you can have that many.  Thanks, Brenda Paylor

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